Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 5, 2016

Whitening Teeth is safe or not

Before having your teeth whitened from a clinic of San Bruno dentist, you should have general understanding about this process. You might not or might have knowledge of this exactly but near 1989, the idea of home teeth brightening and teeth brightening were brought to people obsessed with making their smile whitener. As a preventive advocates for the medical communities and the consumer health awareness were given a lot of time to look for the safety and effectiveness of the process of new teeth whitening. After much debate and deliberation, the teeth whitening process has been believed both effective and safe. Nevertheless, there are things that need to be taken in consideration when you are considering the teeth whitening process. The safety problems that you should pay attention to are listed below:


There is some concern in both consumer and medical neighborhoods at large about the risk of bleaching teeth process agents and the relationship to cancer. Unluckily, recent studies have shown that the primary agent of concern, carbamide peroxide gel, teeth whitening, has not led to any cancer in mouth tissue of gums. It has been proven that individuals saliva contains an agent or chemical composition that apparently offsets the amount of peroxide manufactured by real estate agents that whiten teeth.

Will be certainly also been some excessive attention and concern centered on the worry of tooth enamel being destroyed or wearing off anticipated to bleaching agents. Therapeutic experts have countered this fear with an analysis that concluded that berry drinks and soft refreshments actually cause more destruction to tooth enamel than tooth whitening bleach.


Various other important studies and testing concerning nerve endings being negatively damaged by tooth whitening are still in the early stages. This is certainly because of the fact that these researchers take considerably much longer than the other ones, anywhere from five to eight years after a teeth-whitening method. There is a good news for those who have done this process from San Bruno dentist‘s centers for a five to eight years of checkup, there is still little proof of any damage done to the nerve endings.

Regrettably, if you have gotten cps or crowns in your mouth, you are not a prospect for pearly whites whitening procedures. Yet , it is available to those with had some relatively minor dental work or procedures performed on their teeth such as a trip to the dental office or a filling. At the moment, the data and oral histories kept on record have not indicated any problems with these people, however as an expression of caution, it is important to note that these studies are still in the early periods.

Despite the fact that the above-mentioned studies are true and accurate, it is important to talk about this option with your hygienist or best dentist in San Bruno before deciding on any type of dental related process. Remember that everyone's dental care history is completely different and though studies have enhanced, there is still little risk in teeth brightening, like any medical activity; it is a process that could cause a small risk to some consumers.